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Victoria’s Garden Pavilion at the Victorians Institute Conference – October 2014

Five of our team members recently attended the 43rd Annual Victorians Institute Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina where we presented our work to a most enthusiastic audience.  Tony Harrison, Sharon Setzer, Paul Fyfe, Sharon Joffe and David Hill each presented a paper on a particular aspect of the project.   Our panel, “Queen Victoria’s Lost Pavilion,” consisted of the following papers:

Sharon Joffe: “”A Little Hot-Bed of Fresco Painting’: A Historical Overview of Queen Victoria’s Garden Pavilion at Buckingham Palace”

David Hill:  “Doors to the Past:  Virtually Reconstructing the Pavilion”

Sharon Setzer:  “Contemporary Accounts of the Garden Pavilion: ‘Perfect Bijou’ or Royal Blunder?”

Anthony Harrison:  “The Mysteries of Victorian Taste”

Paul Fyfe:  “Radiant Virtuality”

The theme of the conference was “The Mysteries at Our Own Doors” and our panel certainly captured the spirit of the weekend.  Audience members were very excited by the pavilion project and panel attendees asked many interesting and thoughtful questions.   We left the conference with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for our project and a strong desire to continue the work and research already in progress.  The next few months promise to be most exciting ones for our project as we continue to perfect the digital model itself and to gather research materials for our website.

I include here two pictures  of the  iVisit 3D model on an iPad.  We used the iVisit 3D app to render a 3D view of the pavilion’s interior.


iVisit 3D Model on an iPad (2)

iVisit 3D Model on an iPad
iVisit 3D Model on an iPad